Leica Jupiter-3 5cm F1.5 on the Leica


Product of the Fifties
This lens is one of the least expensive Sonnar formula lenses that you can buy for the Leica, the slower Jupiter-8 is even less. I like the F1.5 speed of the Jupiter-3, and the lens is a favorite of mine. The reputation of this lens was so bad that i bought 4 of them to find out why. With a little work, basically setting the Shim of the lens to optimize for the Leica, found it to be as good as My Nikkor 5cm F1.4.

Many lenses later, this one is made from a 1955 KMZ Jupiter-3 with a front element replaced using a 1983 lens, and the optics module set in a newer black mount. It's been on my M8 since making it two months ago.

Wide-open at F1.5, today, on the M8, ISO 160.



betwixt and between
Brian, thank you for showing how this lens works. Your technical abilities with these lenses and the adjustments needed are, I have to admit :redface:, way beyond my knowledge base. I do know, however, there are quite a few Leica shooters here who benefit from your generosity in taking the time to explain and illustrate the greatness of the lenses.(y)