Leica Showcase Jupiter 8

"The Jupiters adjusted for an M-Mount camera should work fine on a screw-mount camera"- is generally true IF the cameras make the same assumptions for the image plane. Some manufacturers made different assumptions of how film sits in the chamber. The famous one: Konica Hexar M-Mount was "ever-so-slightly-different" from a Leica M-Mount.

With your lens: my M9 has always been in good agreement with film cameras. The M Monochrom- slightly different optimization for shooting with various filters. I increase the shim slightly for optimizing a lens for Orange and Red filters. With a film camera- not as critical.


Leica M7 - Kodak TRI-X-0008.jpg

Leica M7 with Jupiter 8. Kodak Tri-X

My lovely Jupiter 8 from Brian :)
The Sonnar 5cm F2, and others- have a lot of field curvature. With the center of the image focused for infinity, you can expect the 2/3rds point and edge to be focused at closer point. Imagine a dampened sine wave running through the image.

I'll try to find the diagram, have it from a very old book on optics.

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