Leica Jupiter-8M 50/2 adapted to Leica Mount using Canon 50/1.8 mount

It's surprising what you find when you dig around in your "photo stash". 'Left over from my Voigtlander Bessa R3A and M8 days. ;-)
. . . David
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The Jupiter 8 arrived today. Simply said, I got lucky. Great eBay seller, super good copy of the lens. I screwed on a Voigtlander 50 - 75 frame lines M39 screw mount to Leica M-mount adapter, (see above post), put an 40.5mm hood I had on the lens and before it got super dark outside took a couple of photographs of my wife who was finishing up some paperwork.
By the way, getting used to the two sets of rotating f-stops took a minute or two. ;-)
Hoping to get outside with the M-E and Jupiter tomorrow. It's been super cold in northern Vermont over the past week and a half.
. . . David
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And the testing of the Jupiter 8 continues. My copy appears to be either a PT3100 or a PT3110 based on images from this web site - Soviet and Russian Cameras . A very informative bit of writing.
I reshot the image of my wife, same location, a bit more window light, and carefully set the iris to f2 although both LR and Tonality post processing environments say f2.8. Anyway, here's the results. I'm very pleased with my $49. investment.
. . . David
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Hi Raid,
Looking back on my files in LR it appears that I used the Jupiter 8 on the R-D1s and the X-E2 for the still life shot. However, I did not shoot the still life with the M-E. No clue why except to say that I was just "playing around" with a $49. investment that I was becoming quite enamored with. ;-)
Once the weather shifts up here in northern Vermont, (at 2:20PM it's -9F), I plan to get out with the M-E and Jupiter 8 for more images.
Attached is a similar shot to the one I previously posted but with the Jupiter 8 on the R-D1s.
. . . David
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Picked this up from Ebay, figured the Canon 50/1.8 mount was worth the price alone. (I'm not telling!) The seller tested it on a Sony A7, turns out the seller also did the conversion.

This person did an incredible job, I've asked about other services available. I'm hoping to find someone that takes care of Jupiters that I can refer people to.

This lens is Shiny!

View attachment 146348Jupiter-8M in Canon Mount by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr

Focus is smooth, and- the click stops are left in place. The optics rotate with the focus ring- meaning the very clever person removed part of the mechanism and came up with a way of setting the shim. Genious!

View attachment 146349Jupiter-8M in Canon Mount by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr

Focus is perfect on my M9, across range.

At F2,

View attachment 146350Jupiter-8M, Wide-Open by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr

View attachment 146351Jupiter-8M, Wide-Open by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr

Around the same time as Brian I picked up a similar J-8M from the same source. Mine isn’t shiny though and in the Canon F2.8/50mm mount. Extremely happy with its performance. Some photos from a walk late this afternoon.


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