Ricoh Just bought GRD1 ,- am I insane!!!


Sep 12, 2011
Dublin ,Ireland
As I was waiting for the Fuji x10 to come out to see the photos,before I bought one I got itchy feet with my money sitting in the bank!I could not decide between a lx5 or fujix10, so ive been looking on the site at the grd images and i like the way the camera renders the black and white. It reminds me of my minilux that i use a lot.
So i was on ebay and came across grd anniversary edition for €150.So I bought it!:eek:
I dont know wheather ive lost my marbles.Its blue with fairies or angels or something on it.
Anyhow ive paid for it and I am now minus €150 for the lx5 or fujix10.
What is wrong with me?:)
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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
From my meagre understanding, the first GRD is mighty S L O W on the RAW write times but still produces jpgs that are unmatched by it's younger brethren. You enjoy it nikki and please be sure to post some well as a snap of the camera itself....sounds intriguing!


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Dec 24, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
I'd be intrigued to know how much the latest memory cards speed up the Raw file write-time compared to a 2006 vintage card. I don't know the difference in Mb/s but switching from a plain blue Sandisk card to an Ultra or an Extreme can halve the write-time on some cameras. I still have an older Canon IXUS 960 IS which was also reviewed at the time as having very slow write-times off it's 12MP sensor, but now with a fast card there is no problem.


Oct 12, 2011
Rome, Italy
I got one just last week I guess from the same place on EBay (it is limited edition number 745/1000), and I love it... you can see several threads with my first pics. I like the out-of-camera jpegs and they write fast enough on a not-particularly-fast 2gb SD card. I guess I will only use raw for very particular shots every now and then


Oct 12, 2011
Rome, Italy
correction-- I think I have only one thread with pics here, but others on and pics on in the street thread.. BTW, I think it is doing great as a street shooter-- people must see it and think it is something out of Barbie's lunch box and don't take it seriously; I get far fewer scowls than when I go around with my Oly E-PL1


Oct 12, 2011
Rome, Italy

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