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Waaaay back in January this year, when it was cold, dank and damp and the world was painted in shades of grey, Stillshunter of this parish (Mark) got a bunch of us shooting one shot a day. The "Single in January" project was challenging and great fun. I was one of those that participated. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was frustrating, sometimes it was almost damn impossible - but we did it. :biggrin:

Luke did a book of entries that showcased the work of many of us. I had already started on a book of my own, but decided to hold back, partly to give the "official" book a clear run, and also because I wanted to issue mine about a year after the event (this is all planned, you see..!)

So, I have done my book with my 31 shots from the SIJ. I have called it "Take One a Day..." and if you are interested you can see the link to it in my sig. I have given each image a page, together with the caption I gave it originally. I have only just published it, although I did all the "hard work" months ago. It was fascinating to look back and to remind myself of that period.

The first copy turned up yesterday. I have now ordered half a dozen more to give as presents to photographically minded friends. I don't expect to sell many - it is not that sort of book - but the point of this thread is to say it didn't take a lot of effort, it was fun to do and books like these do make great presents. So "dust off" your images, spend an evening or two putting a book of your own together and go for it - there is still (just) enough time to get delivery before Christmas! :biggrin:

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