Just finished work on our Gite


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As some of you know we moved out to rural France permanently about 3 years ago. Since we moved here we have spent most of our time working on the house and also the barns which we are converting into (income producing - I hope!), apartments/gites.

I've posted images of the work as we went along......... the "before" and work in progress shots

Anyway a good week, this week, as we have just finished a "gite"

I have put together a website using "wordpress" templates

OK some may say I'm advertising - but that's not why I posted

What do you think of the site? - suggestions for improvements welcomed

Also I have included a "Bird image Gallery"

Cottage – Tonichon

I still have to change a few images and minor mods are needed - but for me it's 90% there - the site I mean

any of you "guys" have experience with where to promote the site?

(Amin - if you think that it is not appropriate - because of any perceived advertising implications - please delete the thread)


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Bill, you and your wife have done a phenomenal amount of work - it's beautiful!! I'd be on a plane in a flash, if I could!!

Everyone needs to be sure to check out the Gallery where many more photos can be seen. You might want to consider how to link directly to the gallery from your first page. At first I didn't realize you had more photographs.

Beautifully done, Bill...and a great spot to stash all those family members who must want to visit you all the time!:D


Looks like just the ticket when my wife and I need a real vacations sans kids. I like the site a lot. The clean appearance adds to the impression if the property and the photos are very good. Like the inclusion of the bird photos a lot! Charming.


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Just booked Venice 3 days ago.... But as my wife and I are 'Bird watchers'... have a passion for fine French Wines (Clarets especially)... and EasyJet fly from Liverpool to Bordeaux... this is really tempting for the future...