Ricoh Just got a GXR!


And very happy with it. I sold off a Leica X1 after 2 weeks because I simply didn't like it, compared to my Leica M7. But I think the GXR + A12 mount will be with me for a long while. It brings back fond memories of my Ricoh GRD, which I loved shooting with until it died. :)

Will be buying an A12 28mm camera unit as soon as I have the funds, since the widest M lens I have (28mm) translates to 42mm on the GXR. Plus I need something compact - right now I use the GXR whenever I can't take my K5 along with me. I'm glad to see from samples here that the 28mm module gives superb quality images.

Just wanted to say hi.


This is again from the Nokton 35mm f1.2, deliberately shot at f1.2 without an ND filter. I really like the GXR colours!


Tom Caldwell

Here's one of the first ones I made after receiving the camera. A simple test shot, with the Cosina Nokton 35mm f1.2, shot at f1.2. I love the tone, colours and overall image quality from the GXR... quite similar in character to my K5, but a little bit sharper and more "real".


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