Just like the good old days


My first photos were taken with an old Kodak something-or-other that used to be my Mum's. Probably form the 1960s.
My Dad was an accomplished photographer and I still have his Leica M3 and multiple lenses.
I graduated to a Nikon EM.

For about 5 of 6 years I became notorious for always having a compact in my pocket, and somewhere around 1990 I had a beautifully small camera which I can't actually remember (but I think might have been a Konica), which was replaced by an Olympus Mju (35mm), and then one of the first generation of Cannon Ixus (APS).

I loved the spontaneity of a compact but always felt hamstrung by their features. So just before the world stopped using 35mm, I bought a Cannon EOS300 and a couple of lenses. I think I ran no more than 20 films through it. DOH! Then I had a child and paradoxically stopped taking photos.

About 6 or 7 years ago I bought my wife a small Nikon digital compact, and have used it from time to time, but still felt it couldn't do what I wanted it to.
So I am now the very happy owner of a Olympus XZ-1. It still doesn't have the capabilities of an SLR, but it has some, and makes me want to take photos.
And some of them I'm actually quite pleased with.

I am back to taking photos, and enjoying it.


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Idris, thanks so much for your introduction - it's always interesting to read about someone else's path.

A big welcome to you - and I look forward to your contributions here at Serious Compacts.:drinks:


I think my contributions will largely be a barrage of questions, but I'll do what I can.
(Sounds like convention would have me link to some photos. To do list.)