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Any news on the 35 GT-E? I just developed a roll of HP5+ taken with a 35 EL that I got off the ol' auction site in nearly new condition, came with leather half case, flash in leather case, and original box with a picture of the camera next to a pack of cigarettes(!). Every frame looks to have been perfectly exposed. I know some of these cameras have trouble with the electronically driven shutter not always working, but I seem to have gotten a good one, hopefully it keeps up. They are really cool little cameras!
Noone seems to want to repair it. But at least in terms of experience, the Rollei 35 SE is a nice replacement. Neither as small and light as the Minox nor as fast to shoot, but nice nonetheless. But I concur - the Minox 35 line was very well conceived indeed, and if you get a working example, it's fun and rewarding at the same time.


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