Just put a very big print on my wall


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Dec 22, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark
I decided it was time to redecorate the living room wall. It's an 8 metre wall with no windows or doors in it, and it's just begging for a big print.
This is five 80x120cm (32"x48") canvas prints combined in a 400x120cm (13' by 4') panorama, and it looks awesome :)

The source image is a single DP2 Merrill file which I cropped to 10:3 format, cut into five pieces, up-ressed each to 3000x2000 pixels and sent off to the printing company.
I known that canvas prints are forgiving, but I'm really impressed with how good it looks, even up close, when considering it's just a single 14.7mp image where I'm only using 6.6mp due to the 10:3 crop.

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Aug 29, 2018
Shenyang, China
I think that is the wrong takeaway.

That's not a knock on Sigma...those files are amazing. And they probably print better than many. But Olympus said it YEARS ago...and I stand by it. 6 MP is all one needs for most applications.
Yeah, I know. Still I think of the Sigma, but then it's the photographer not the gear.

With more MPs you can crop more, that's probably the most reasonable cause for more pixel.

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