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I remember that video, it's nicely made. Ironically, only the post-Fukushima X100 models seem to suffer from SAB. Those with internal serial numbers predating the disaster (like mine) appear to be fine.

Peter Chin

Yes, i'm in the 12A batch no SAB only a viewfinder showing either or sometimes all of RGB vertical lines because i had dropped it within 1 week of ownership (very cold day, never use straps *i do now*) but doesn't affect image at all....just recently took mine in but they wanted close to $800CAD (out of warranty) to replace the lens assembly (SAB standard fix) but i declined as i still have a X pro1 and a X100s (still in box) :p I am hesitatnt to sell my X pro 1 regardless of what replacement comes out at Photokina...the T1 doesn't get me excited as the "fake rangefinders" do :) I am not a technical shooter, i just shoot and go by what's produced.

But that video everytime i see it..i always think to myself, "Have they really recovered 100%".

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