Pentax K-01 lives - In Montreal


Apr 30, 2013
This sub-forum has been dormant for a while now. Has everyone given up on their Stormtroopers/Pandas/bumble-bees? It has remained my main camera for the past few years - I've acquired an x-10 but haven't quite bonded with it :(, so I've pretty much learned to live with it --> quirks and all :)

I recently took it on a trip to Montreal and thought I'd share some photos here ... just to show that this old grand-daddy is still alive and well. I used the Tamron 2.8 28-70 (70%) and Pentax 50mm 1.8 for the shots.

Pictures taken on a short cruise along the St. Lawrence River:

City Skyline:

Tour Guide:

'Habitat 47' - each cube sells for ~ CAD 1M:

More Skyline:

Bow view:

River view:

On deck:

Grain Silo:

Tower clock - I wasn't paying much attention but I may have heard the guide saying that this was a gift from the British and that the clock is a replica of the one in London:


The long walk:

Around the 1976 Olympic Village:


Inside the Biodome:

View of the Park:

Stadium, with athletes' village in the background (photo taken through the elevator glass while ascending the tower):

(Full album on Flickr:

Comments welcome!


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Feb 3, 2012
Good stuff. I finally got the chance to visit the city the other year, the ride up to the Olympic Park tower was pretty neat - and the view was spectacular. I also loved The Old Quarter - if you closed your eyes to certain details, it felt like you were in Europe.


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Aug 7, 2011
Jersey Shore
Nice job. There was never any question about the K-01 capturing great images. I didn't even mind its size when I had one. And I loved its simple control layout. Just couldn't see much on the rear screen in bright sunlight and autofocus was kind of slow - even after the firmware update. But I still kind of miss mine - lovable brick that it was.

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