Kai Wok and Lok Cheung (former DigitalRevTV) back together


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I'm not saying their system is good or bad, but I don't want to judge how another society operates when parallels do exist.
I think it's objectively bad with a government that actively oppresses minorities and controls aspects of the daily lives of its citizens that we wouldn't dream of enduring elsewhere in the world. That's the only thing I'm gonna say on that. Sorry to be political-adjacent.


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And I think that's about as close to political as we want to get on this. Posting Lok's video is certainly legitimate as it amounts to news in most of the camera world. And Lok stated his reasons for relocating. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging this. Anyone who is paying attention to what's going on in the world can draw their own conclusions - including me. But let's watch ourselves here.


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Weeding out corruption, criminal intent, anything resembling criticism of the government (fun fact, saying positive things about the govt on social media increases your score)... IMO it's quite different from insurance rates based on driving records or banks looking at your credit scores to decide whether or not you get a loan. Both of those are just private company trying to minimize their risk of losing money on you. Cancel culture imo does more harm than good with its unrealistic expectation of ethical purity, but it mostly still consists of private individuals or companies deciding (under the influence of filter bubbles) to boycot someone. Quite different from a government with all of its powers keeping tabs on its citizens' adherence to the official government ideology. That's not to say that it only serves to oppress; reducing traffic violations is good for everyone, but the Chinese government's central theme when modeling their society is order - and that goal is served by economic growth and low crime, but their concept of order also very explicitly includes all citizens accepting the government's vision as some sort of God-given truth, which is not to be questioned. And yes, I think that's oppressive and wrong.

But, having said all that, we once used to have a no politics rule here, and maybe we should go back to that (is it childish of me to say that right at the end of my political rant? If so, my apologies). Hoping to see a Lok & Kai video sometime soon. And I hope it's silly :-D

(Edit) sorry Biro, hadn't seen your post as it took me quite some time to type out mine while in transit. Feel free to remove it if you feel it excessive.

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