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DPreview has an article about Kandao RAW+
Kandao Raw+ is an automated image stacking tool for Raw files

It's a very neat tool, it uses Adobe Camera Raw and basicly does multi frame NR on the images (up to 16). It works quite fast and it does it pretty well I think.
They're claiming to be able to handle moving items by taking them from a selected base image but I didn't have the best of luck with that.

I see it being useful for fairly static scenes with either low light or high dynamic range, you can expose for the highlights, or expose for the lowest shutter speed you feel comfortable using, and then bring up the exposure in post.
Seems like a great way to get improved noise from a small camera like a 1" compact.

I did a couple of test shots with my A6300 and my RX100.
Right shot is the jpeg from the camera, middle is a single raw file through LR, and left is the Kandao dng file through Lightroom.


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