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Nov 29, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
Most of the photos here were taken with my 7D, and only because because I don't have a telephoto or video on my Leica so The Watering Hole is probably the only place I can post them.

We went to have a fish-n-chips lunch out at the park on Sunday, on the park bench:

While we were eating, this little thing popped out from the bush:

It hung out for a while, then it disappeared back into the bush:

There's never just one, so after finishing our lunch we went to have a look. They were hard to spot but once we saw them, there was a whole extended family in amongst the native bushland:

This one was doing its best impersonation of a tree:

Somebody's dog elsewhere in the park got loose and it spooked the kangaroos, the kangaroos went zooming past us. I managed to catch a very short video clip on my 7D of them hopping past us, I'll post it once I upload it to youtube. but there's a shot of them on their way:

Luckily the dog never even got close.


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Wonderful, James!! Can't wait to see the movie!:popcorm2:

And as for posting them with that camera - you can post them in any of the appropriate image threads. We're a very convivial bunch...and our Serious Compacts extended family is quite large, just like your Eastern Greys'.:grouphug:

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