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I see she's been mentioned twice here in the early days of this forum, but never in a thread dedicated to her work.

Today I was wondering what nature photography by Saul Leiter would look like, so obviously I googled it. Nothing much came up, unsurprisingly given that Saul Leiter was known for photographing almost exclusively in the few blocks around his NYC East Village home. One image from the search results clearly stood out though:

...and that led me to the following interview with accompanying images:

The interview is apparently following a standard format with standard questions which don't necessarily match Kirkwood's work (or dillydallying), but I like the overall discussion anyway. And I LOVE many of the images. It's not so much nature photography but more rural life photography, with some similarities to Saul Leiter's aestetic, but mostly a character and humor of its own.

Kirkwood's website
shows some of her genres. Her street work is mostly not my favorite although some of it really made me laugh. Her Cow Spines series was, to me, spectacular.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts!
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It took some time and viewing all of her pictures before I began to appreciate her style and vision. Minimalist and well-balanced compositions stand out. The fogged windows (beslagen ramen) remind me of Saul Leiter indeed. Thanks for the heads up, broadened my horizon in photography.

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