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Shot a bunch at the Philly St. Patricks Parade yesterday. A lof of shots of kids and adults, but the kids, for the most part, are the keepers. The first is color, the last relies on a bit of color to tell the story, the the rest are B&W with the occasional very small touch of color. I shot with both the GH2 and Nex, but these are all Nex. The full set is at:

Philly St. Patricks Parade - a set on Flickr


In the first one, the big hair on top is fake anyway, so I lopped it off - consciously or subconsciously...
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This story was overwhelmed by color in the color version and there IS no story in B&W, so my wife suggested using the selective color more overtly than I had been. Let me know what you think...

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And one last one with a kid at heart:

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Well done, Ray!! Your 4th and 5th are my immediate favorites. That one with the little dog checking out those Ugg boots is my ultimate favorite, however.:biggrin: But the leprechaun watching for the train is a close second.:wink:

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