Fuji Showcase Kids Triathalon with the XC 50-230


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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
Usual annual deal. I volunteer along with ~2 others to cover it. This year, I was the Group shot at the end (because I own the Rokinon 12, and not much else will do it), and the Finish Line. Shooting the finish means waiting, shooting what you can see of the beginning stages, and then a fast-moving conveyor belt of kids flying at you, where you shoot an average of 1-2 shots a second for 20 minutes without stopping, while parents and done kids all mill around getting in your way and crowding out the shots. :)

I had the XE3 with the 23 f2 on it, but barely used it. Mostly the XT1 and XC50-230. No complaints, except that I keep thinking "I need to figure out why my skin tones keep coming out so red and over-saturated" and then not fixing it.

My irrational, emotional favorite, for some reason... he was running towards me still, but slowing down:
KBRX6170P by gordopuggy, on Flickr

A few others:

KBRX5648 by gordopuggy, on Flickr

KBRX5652 by gordopuggy, on Flickr

KBRX5889P by gordopuggy, on Flickr

KBRX5892P by gordopuggy, on Flickr

KBRX6101P by gordopuggy, on Flickr

KBRX6107P by gordopuggy, on Flickr

KBRX6267P by gordopuggy, on Flickr

That wide angle group shot...
KBRX6500 by gordopuggy, on Flickr


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Nov 3, 2018
Some great shots, the parents should be really happy with them. 😎

Just to make myself feel bad about my lack of activity... what are the events & distances involved for a kids triathalon?


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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
3 levels, all starting with a super short "swim" across a tiny beach area that a lot of kids just run instead of swimming, then...

- 1/2 mile bike ride, 1/4 mile run
- 1 mile bike ride, 1/2 mile run
- 2 mile bike ride, 1 mile run

I think.

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