Kingsbridge 800 (Grebeman does the streets, in colour, never!)


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A day of medieval celebrations when Kingsbridge celebrated the 800th anniversary of being granted a market charter in 1219.


Medieval Sreet MusIcians
The Hurdy Gurdy traces its origins back 1000 years, the Bagpipes over 2000 years

190914-- DSCF6752-Astia.jpg

Medieval meets modern


Barker for the test your strength machine


How high did I get it?
On his third attempt he rang the bell

190914-- DSCF6678-Astia.jpg

Giving it a good whack

190914-- DSCF6709-Astia.jpg

Another lad who didn't know his own strength

190914-- DSCF6719-Astia_1.jpg

Multi tasking busker

190914-- DSCF6673-Astia.jpg

Riding the carousel



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Old Codgers Group
I know you spend a lot of time on your mono conversions. Do you pay equal attention to your color processing? Or are you more easily satisfied with the color results?
Luke, I've tended to struggle with colour images. I've raised the issue before but I'm one of an estimated 10% of the male population who has issues with judging colours. So whilst we are not colour blind I for example am partially blue/green colour blind so that I might call a shade of blue green and vice versa. Since I and my father always disagreed with mother along those lines I guess he suffered that defect as well. I fail about 50% of the standard colour blindness charts and once when attending a private doctor for a company medical was taken through the full fault step analysis that should be used for a colour blindness diagnosis and given that diagnosis of my condition.

Thus my issue tends to be with judging colour casts in images. Interestingly I've been attempting in recent days to adjust the parameters of various cameras to get better out of camera jpegs in terms of their colour properties and in studying a great number of test images of the same scene with different contrast and saturation settings photographed from my house and then quickly put up on the computer I have found I can to some extent judge colour issues better than I used to. Perhaps that's as a result of making settings that are really wrong and seeing the end effect they produce which is perhaps training my eyes to some extent, then as I return the settings to more sensible values I'm getting a little better at judging the changes made and thus assessing when images are wrong in a colour sense. To that end I'm feeling more confident in producing better colour images than I used to. I'm finding that my little Leica D-Lux Typ 109 and the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 have colour outputs that I can better adjust to produce images that satisfy me, my Panasonic m4/3 cameras are perhaps a little more tricky to get right and require larger setting changes from the default values to produce an acceptable output in terms of jpegs.

For the above images I still used the raw files to be able to make more nuanced changes than would have been possible with the jpeg outputs.


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