Pentax Kirk Tuck "Gets" the Pentax K-01


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From Kirk Tuck's Visual Science Lab...

The Visual Science Lab / Kirk Tuck: Pentax K-01. Please send me a case of these cameras. They are quirky, eccentric and fun. I want more...

I'll write here what I wrote in Kirk's blog: I have both the K-01 and Pentax Q. Neither makes sense when assessed with traditional camera metrics (although the K-01's image quality is quite high). But both cameras are fun. Many people still can't seem to wrap their minds around that. :wink:

I've been saying that the "Q" is a fun camera all along :) - But I agree "fun" is something that pixel peeps statisticians can't digest....:)


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OK, OK, I'm tardy on commenting in this thread, but I agree with all you guys. The K-01 is FUN, has stoked my desire for MF lenses, and is at least as fun to be around as Sam Jones in "Ted".


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