Leica Showcase KMZ 3.5cm F2.8 Jupiter-12 in LTM

William Lewis

Feb 10, 2020
Hayward WI
William Lewis
Nice. I've had a couple of good J-12's over the years. The best was a mid 50's one for Kiev (gee, surprise there!) but I had good LTM ones too. I should budget one in for my Canon 7 someday (I had a black one that fit in the past).


Jul 7, 2010
Brian, is the focus scale ring easy to adjust? I'd like to adjust my J-12 so the scale on the lens matches the actual focus.
On mine- three set screws at the top of the focus ring. Looks like they can be loosened and the ring be turned. Next time I setup for lens work, I'll try it- mine is slightly off. Right now my "electronics lab" is at home, and has over-run my workshop used for camera work. No complaints- I get paid, no commute, and get to program in DOS and Fortran on a custom designed computer.


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Aug 16, 2013
The Lowlands
Thanks, no rush though!

It does go through the full motion from inifinity to 1m and stops at those points....so I figure it's a bit more complicated than just repositioning the focus ring itself.

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