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No longer made, but can still be found... I used a roll for double exposures :)



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I nice film when printed on color paper. As a B&W printer who got it frequently to print on conventional silver gelatin papers, I can attest to its being a nightmare to print that way. The orange base, just like on color film, optimized it for color processes at all stages of development from film to final print. But you couldn't convince some customers that if they wanted regular black and white prints from C-41 film they should be shooting the Ilford versions designed for that. Once Kodak stopped making Panalure paper, designed to print color negatives as black and white in normal black and white chemistry, the CN became difficult. On regular black and white variable contrast papers, the yellow in the base caused very low contrast, and to compensate one would have to use much higher grade contrast filters than what should have been necessary for the final tones. The result was a compromised tonal range with excessive print grain. I can't tell you how many times I cursed this film.

Just saying. Processed as intended it can yield nice results. It's just a film that did not belong in a conventional black and white darkroom once Panalure bit the dust.


I used to use a bit of BW400CN.
In my ignorance, I took it into the darkroom and made some prints for a friend on vanilla Ilford paper without any filtration.
Perfectly nice contrast, good tones and almost invisible graininess resulted :)


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I like this film a lot, pity Kodak saw fit to discontinue it :( Had to run around and find all of the stock I could, I've now got 40 in the freezer :laugh1:

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