Film Kodak is about to be delisted.


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I thought they already sold their sensor business??

They are selling off all the parts. Now they are selling their patents. The new CEO for Kodak is a lawyer who spent her career with Kodak licensing selling Kodak's IP. Tell's you where they are going. (supposedly their future is in printers, but why on earth would someone make a run at that business).
Another sad note- Penn Camera files for Chapter 11. 5 stores clsing now, 3 more in the future. One of the best camera shops in the DC area.

Kodak, Polaroid, I really think these companies just lost their way. Considering that I can get film again for my SX-70, I am sure someone will pick up film production. It will be a niche item. But right now, I'm getting it for $1 a roll and developed for $4. When i need to switch to B&W and develop myself, i will.

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