Film Konica Hexar AF


Mar 23, 2015
Andrew Lossing
Lovely photos @phigmov and great film stocks too. Superia 400 is one of my favorites, have never used any Agfa films but that one looks nice! I'd love a Hexar AF, I've got a major soft spot for Konica. I'm thinking I really need to get an Auto S3, a step up from the C35 Auto that I had.


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Mar 23, 2015
Cheers @agentlossing - I picked it up comparatively cheaply (compared to a Leica anyway!) as a secondhand item in a camera store after missing out on a few Hexar RF auctions. The price on both of those cameras appears to be increasing, so very happy to have beaten the rush.

Its super simple to use and the AF is not too bad. I'm not a super fan of the 35mm focal length but the lens itself, metering, viewfinder, film-loading, solid build, & simple controls (although activating the 'silent-mode' takes a little fiddling) make it a winner. My only fear (shared with most automatic cameras of the 80's & 90's) is that something will fail and it'll be unusable as there are no manual-failback options. The camera is also a little on the large size compared to something genuinely pocketable like my Oly Mju II (which has a nice lens but not as good as the Hexar).

I have a sneaking suspicion Agfa canned Vista so the price of the remaining blocks is slowly increasing. I picked up 10 rolls about 18mths ago and am slowly working my way through it. It feels like it has a slightly more organic/vintagey feel than the Fuji consumer range - having said that some shots on that roll felt indistinguisable from my micro-four-thirds sensor shots in terms of delivering crisp vibrant shots..

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