Kooragang Island: Industry Reigns.

This island, in the middle of the Hunter River, used to have vast expanses of open space. 20 years ago I used to fly my kites there.

Now, theres nothing but heavy industry, coal mountains and coal loaders. Like its namesake, Newcastle has always been an industrial city, based on coal and steel. The BHP Steelworks closed years ago now, and when that happened, we all hoped for cleaner air. Not to be, however, and we are still mining coal and selling it to China (mostly). Then theres the toxic chemicals (Orica: several serious incidents in the past 12 months) as well as god knows whatall else.

All that aside, the industrial landscape can be an interesting one to photograph. Here a couple from this morning.


industry2 by kyte50, on Flickr


industry1 by kyte50, on Flickr


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Nice photos, Sue! I particularly like the first one with the smoke contrasting with the dark clouds, and the sunlight reflecting off the metal coloured tube at the top.

Sad to hear about all the toxicity though :( wish we'd find a way to take better care of our planet while giving everyone a decent standard of living (I'm sure it could already be done if only we put our minds to it...)