Micro 4/3 Kudos to Olympus repair---so far!


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I have seen and heard so many negative stories about manufacturer repair. My wife's favorite lens, the Olympus 40-150 2.8 had the lens mount snapped off and the internal cables yanked out when she had her fatal accident photographing football. The lens sat in a bag from the date it happened in September 2023 until I decided to ask Olynpus if it was repairable. They said yes and quoted me $341.00. I sent the lens in and it arrived at Olympus On Friday night a week and a half ago. I was notified that after looking at the lens and evaluating the damage the price to repair was $306.90 so I sent the money in on Tuesday after our Memorial Day holiday. It will be delivered tomorrow and the work order said it would have a new lens mount, new internal cables, and focus adjustments. I was absolutely amazed that they actually have had the lens for one week and it is on its way back,

I will see if the lens is as good as it was but I expect it will be. And, I think Linda's PPA insurance will cover the repair. With all the negativity, just wanted to post a little good news.