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Nr Fresno Ca
Leonard Jay
Lonely & Strong.jpeg
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Sunny Frimley
Back Story Please! She is growing up so fast, we've watched it all here.
Ha ha, she is growing up and has some attitude already! She just turned 5 and a half and started school last September so is still in the Reception class (my eldest daughter also teaches this age group at another school. The patience of a Saint is required!). She tends to cross swords with Granddad who is apt to tease her by taking her precious cat toys and generally interfering with her endeavours. She loves crafting with any old recycling we have lying around and in this case had made a box bed for her cat toys ..... which Granddad tried to take from her .... much squealing ..... this is the look she gave him. You would think after 3 daughters my husband would have learned something about small girls .... :sneaky: