Micro 4/3 L1 old but not out ....Roses [3img]


Jul 14, 2010
Great pictures, great camera.

I always liked the L1 format even if it is only just as 'compact' as my Nikon D90. I also agree that Panasonic and Olympus should have continued down the rangefinder styled dSLR path.
Thanks Peter
Panasonic have dropped 43 for m43 Oly still Promote the 43 line (new E-5) because of the SHG lens line and there are lots of Pro users out there.
The L1 body is not worth much second hand, its actually a light weight body and is a bit of a classic but pretty passe' to most ... its only 7.5MP


Jul 14, 2010
Fantastic photos. Hope Panasonic will design a L1 like body in m4/3 format!
Thanks .. the Oly 50/2 is quite a lens works well on the L1 but no OIS
There is a rumour of a new body from Pany and Oly in m43 format...
Some think rangefinder look .. who knows :confused:
There is a need beyond the G series and the Pens

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