LA Union Station / Summilux


Took advantage of the $10 all you can ride weekend pass for the Metrolink trains.
Went down to LA via Union Station. I decided to the leave the 35 and 90 back home and travel 'light'. Just took the M9 and Summilux 50 Asph to see how it would work. I think its a great combination.

Looking back, however, I'm thinking the 35 may have worked out better for me on this trip for the wider views but the 50 of course seemed to work quite well in general. If there was one combination of body and lens i was forced to choose - this would be it - no 2nd thoughts whatsoever.

Here are some sample shots of and around the station.



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Really nice - I enjoyed looking thru them

Thanks for posting

Maybe a few converted to B & W to satisfy the B & W fans


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Gosh you're showing beautiful color and light in these - can you hear me sigh? My favorites are the first two, #5 of the store "cage", and the last one. lovinglife, if you have a website or Flickr account, etc., please feel free to add a link to your signature line. Beautiful quality!


Thanks so much guys....
Appreciate the feedback!

Bill-Sure, I'll try to post some BW.
BBW-Sorry, I don't have a personal home page :)
Andrew--Thank You!


Thanks for sharing, the second one is a real stunner, a shame you don't have it on flickr or I'd surely favourite it. The bokeh in the 6th photo is awesome too :)

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