B&W Landscapes in B&W


Cotswolds, UK
Took the X100s for a quick run out today and wanted to capture a couple of B&W images.

The first one is a favourite subject for me as I love the dominant trees, church in the background and sheep, the second is a wood in the distant that I shot using the soft focus filter built into the camera - both images converted to B&W using Silver Efex Pro.


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I enjoy looking at landscapes and long exposures, though I'm not personally inclined to actually go out and shoot it, however I got really got inspired by the works of Michael Kenna, I could sit for hours on end looking at his photos and because of this I ended up buying some filters and a cable release to do some long exposures. Instead of just trying to emulate his images, I've decided to adapt the way he shoots and apply a specific look that I like.

I have been experimenting and trying out new things and I got a long way to go.

A trial shot during the weekend


I think I'm starting to really get into this :D