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Have you visited the upper Williamson River? East side of the marsh.
No, I haven't, Mike. Took a quick look at some maps and it looks like there are a whole lot of small (tiny?) little lakes in that vicinity.
What I did do, when I was there recently, was take a lonnnnnnnnnggggg drive on an unimproved and bumpy narrow dirt road from the northeast corner of the main part of the Marsh (along Silver Lake Road) down to Wocus Bay. There are a small handful of cool places to stop and look around, but no hiking trails of any kind, and it's truly a long trek. What would you recommend with regards to the upper Williamson River?
Miguel we started at Silver Lake after visiting the cemetery where some of my wife's relatives are buried. Followed the Silver Lake Rd SW to near where it crosses the narrow neck of marsh where the Williamson River enters. We cut off SE toward Yamsay Mtn hoping to hike to the lookout but was too early in the season. We continued south along the river on a really nasty road until Yamsay Ranch where the road improves then we continued south (rather than continue west to Chilloquin) to intersect the Sprague River Road. The river is beautiful but the road only intersects it occasionally. I suspect that the fishing is spectacular. I'd like to go back to Yamsay Mtn but from the SLk Rd. Wouldn't drive through again. I read about the area in a book called Yamsi, A Year in the Life of a Wilderness Ranch.
Approaching storm.
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