Last Batches of Summer Ice Cream


Aug 24, 2015
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A local dairy produces a real nice (albeit expensive) ice cream mix that just can't be beat. I had resigned myself to not seeing any until next summer as they don't usually produce it after early September.

But, to my astonishment, there were 4 containers in the cooler at the grocery store today when I went there. So naturally I snapped 'em up. They had an expiration date of Oct 16, so they were still good.

I doubt I'll see any more until next summer, so this afternoon I fired up the old, trusty rusty White Mountain freezer and dug out 4 ice cream buckets filled with ice and started to make.......... home made ice cream!


I usually do several batches at once, which saves a lot of things........... namely, having to clean everything up. I just pack the batch straight from the freezer to the deep freeze, and pour in the next batch.


I also reuse the brine, which saves a ton of ice and salt. I just pour it into a food-grade bucket, refill the freezer, and pour the brine back in.



It may be October, but there is still a dasher dripping with delight!


As always, the last batch in gets a healthy serving of Carnation malt powder, Nestlé Quick and Hershey chocolate syrup.


Pour it in, restart the freezer, and let it run for the final 4-5 minutes to mix it all up.


This is to make chocolate malts with.


Everything is all cleaned up and drying. All 4 gallons of the ice cream is in the freezer, just waiting to be made into a malt, or melt next to a slice of hot apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon powder!


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