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The picture I posted in Day 5 of the April challenge was the last one of Lukas. He has been struggling with diabetes for a while and the complications just wore him down. Fortunately, he died naturally about an hour ago and no one had to make the hard decision. He was at our house about two thirds of the last year because Tracie was having a difficult pregnancy and it was just easier for Lukas to be in his "country home". He was born in Benin, Africa, 11 years ago, and my daughter Tracie adopted him while in the Peace Corps. It took us 8 months to get him back to the US after she returned because there were no airline crates available at the African end. It was a close thing, but he finally made it to Albany, NY. My wife and daughter made the 15 hour trip in the dead of winter to get him. Tracie always laughed remembering his first encounter with snow at a rest stop on the interstate. Lukas was pleased to discover that everything in America had a cushion on it. He was always stubborn but mellowed with age. There were never enough walks for Lukas. He had an interesting life with a loving family, which is all any dog really wants.
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He was still beautiful in his last photo, they always, always are that perfect to their human families, I can't say enough how lucky we dog lovers are, and how heart breaking it must be losing them, may him rest in peace.

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