Fuji Late to the party: My Fuji X100 Review is up on my blog

entropic remnants

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Mar 3, 2013
John Griggs
You're still way ahead of me. I'm still working on my NEX-7 review.
Ha ha! I run hot and cold on blogging with no consistency or rhythm. Sometimes months go by between posts. When you git er done then it is done. We're not getting paid for this! Lol

entropic remnants

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Mar 3, 2013
John Griggs

Every time I look at your ironworks photos,

the Terminator 2 music starts playing in my head.
Ha ha, thanks!

Not many realize it, but the "melting" of the T2 in the movie was a special effect. In reality, the metaloceramic materials used in the T2 chassis and the diamond-based mechatronic assemblies are immune to heat at those temperatures although it's pushing the operational envelope for the unit.

After the movie series, the Terminator was out of work except for occasional comic book shows or whatever so it applied for a job at our mill and we hired it. It works cheap, is great for "hot work", and in all the safety gear you can't tell it from a human being. Win win!


Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
Enjoyed it John, as usual great photos. You're not quite as late as you thought though - the X100 didn't show its pretty little head until March or April of 2011 - it was technically announced in 2010, but I'd call it a 2011 camera.

I fully agree with your assessment of the jpegs - the X100 was the first serious digital camera I ever shot in jpeg, mostly Velvia, some Astia. Because in those early days I could never get raw shots processed to look as good as their jpegs. And Fuji's NR algorithms in their jpegs were incredible - I couldn't do nearly as well using the tools I was using at the time. I recently accidentally started using raw with my remaining Fuji - an XE1 - and I like the results enough now to keep doing it. But partly because my LR defaults seems to be pretty close to the Velvia look but with loads more latitude. So, now I'm shooting raw with my Fuji, but until recently it was all jpegs, all the time.

No need for the viewfinder debate here - whether you think they're critical or not, I've never found ANY viewfinder I've enjoyed more than Fuji's hybrid approach. And I like the one in the X100 and X100s more than the X-Pro because its so much simpler and brighter with only one focal length to account for...

BTW, regarding the charger, you can get a handful of knockoff Apple duck-head adapters that will fit in pretty much ANY charger's cord socket and reduce the bulk and all of the cords you have to keep track of. They're cheap and good - I have a bunch and I never even take the charger cords out of the box anymore...

Amazon.com: Apple-compatible Interchange AC Adapter Plug (US): Everything Else



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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
That was a great review, and I've read most of them on this camera. Having such good images certainly helps, but it was more than that. You did a great job connecting the camera to people.

entropic remnants

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Mar 3, 2013
John Griggs
John is bad for my wallet... :wink: :cool:
Ha ha! First, thanks for the nice comments folks.

Second: it's not my fault. Gary Ayala and Ray Sachs tied me to a chair and threatened to make me shoot only a Samsung Galaxy NX if I didn't buy a Fuji. I had to do it. It's all their fault...

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