Software Layers for Lightroom or Aperture.

Jun 3, 2012
Melbourne. Australia
Fantastic find !!

I don't anything at all about the software in question and how well it performs, but I've always felt layers were the missing ingredient in LR.
Certainly not for every image, and perhaps not even for many images....but there have been numerous times where I really could've done with a layers type function.

Cheers mate. (downloading now) :)


Hall of Famer
Nov 12, 2010
I find LR does pretty much everything I could ask for, and I never learned to use layers, but I downloaded it anyway. Gonna play around with it now to see what layers actually do :)
Jun 3, 2012
Melbourne. Australia
It'll be fun to experiment with layers...I've seen some really cool stuff done with layers and have always wanted to try it. I'm seeing it as a chance to do some nice exposure blending, particularly with landscape type shots....but achieving a really natural non-HDR look. I imagine it would even be able to be done on single exposure images....make 2 copies in LR....1 adjusted slightly left for highlights, the other adjusted right for shadows...then export the 2 into this OnOne software and blended selectively.

Multiple exposures taken in cam will no doubt be the better option but it'll be something fun to try anyway even with single shots.

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