Fuji LCD not showing recorded image


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Just received my X100 after waiting in line at Adorama for two months. So far it's a very interesting and intriguing camera. I'll post more reactions later.

One question:

I have View Mode set to Eye Sensor and Set-UP > Image Disp. set to 3 sec. If I snap a photo while looking at the LCD monitor, the recorded image is displayed for three seconds as expected. But if I snap a picture while looking through the viewfinder and then lower the camera, the LCD monitor is dark. It stays that way for three seconds and then returns to showing the live view from the sensor.

The question: is the black screen normal, or should I be seeing the photo I just snapped? Every other digital camera I've ever used shows the recorded image for a few seconds on the LCD monitor. Is the X100 different?



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Hiya, I can't help, but I'm sure one of the X100 nuts will delight in discussing every intricate detail of the camera! I obviously mean nuts in a kind and loving fashion.


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If your on eye sensor, after exposure you'll see the image in the evf.
I find using OVF and no review works well. That way I can work and when I take a break, then I review images.
It saves power also.