Fuji Leaked images of the Fuji XF-1

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Now that is one sexy little compact!!!!




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Guess we know where all the excess X10 sensor are going, cough cough! :D

It's a great looking little camera, and the aperture range looks amazing, as does the 25mm eq. wide angle, but I wonder how well it will do against the RX-100 or even other small sensor zoom compacts. After all, the Sony has a bucketload of megapixels that come out really well in raw, whereas Fuji's unique sensor designs often fall short in third party raw programs. And no one really LIKES Silkypix if they admit it.

If I didn't already have a boatload of cameras, though...


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It's a looker, that's for sure. I suspect that Fuji wants to get their money's worth out of that sensor now that they've gone through all the expense of fixing it. To be fair, it's a pretty good sensor, especially with the orb thingy fixed. I wonder if this is the sequel to the X-10? It looks far more automatic to be sure, but it has enough manual controls to be functional.

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