Leaked Images of Upcoming Sony NEX Lenses Surface in DPReview Forums


May 19, 2011
Step 1. Work all the way up to biggest, most expensive DSLR with highest possible IQ.
Step 2. Realise that high performance digital cameras need heavy, expensive and bulky high quality glass.
Step 3. Gradually stop using above, due to impracticality of lugging around for shooting when needed.
Step 4. Go back to basics, with smallest high quality P&S available. Realise that photography is fun.
Step 5. Gradually work through a variety of cameras and systems until the best compromise of size/weight to quality and flexibility reached.
Step 6. Enjoy your m4/3rds system (in good light)
Step 7. Enjoy your X100 (in any light, at 35mm)
Step 8. Keep an eye out for something which provides a much better compromise, but don't hold your breath - and don't believe the hype.


Well, I already use a big DSLR for my editorial and concert work so that step was checked off years ago.

Also, see my review here on the NEX with the cheap 35mm 1.7 c mount for my thoughts on "fun" photography.

m4/3s was sold to make way for the X100 and I won't be going back unless they come out with a fixed lens compact that truly fits in the pocket. Different strokes, but for me, that's the holy grail that has yet to be delivered. Sure there are some nice small sensor compacts out there but we have yet to realize digitally what the Ricoh GR could do with film years ago - full frame in a compact body.

My 14 steps were just a humorous look back at the chase for that goal. If I wanted a Leica CL or Contax G replacement I would be more than satisfied by now with the awesome cameras we have from the m4/3, NEX and Fuji platforms. They may not be full frame but their compact size, excellent IQ and the flexibility of digital make them a fair match.

Indeed, I am holding my breath for an APS-C Ricoh GRD or a Fuji X camera modeled after the Natura S but it looks like the mirrorless market is currently infatuated with system cameras.
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Jul 24, 2010
It's all there, guys, albeit in different systems or bodies.
The brilliant OVF/EVF of the X100, best in class IQ (DR, high iso) of the X100 and maybe soon the NEX7, class leading UI and build quality of the Ricoh GXR, exciting mft prime lenses, blazingly fast AF of the EP3, best in class mf/zf solution of the new Oly 12mm, af accuracy, low weight, pocketability and gorgeous looks of the X1, high resolution tilt screen of the NEX5 which can even be used in bright sunlight, touch screen of the EP3.
Maybe this is the reason why some of us swap back and forth between different systems? Aren't these manufacturers smart with their conspiracy. Why should they pack all of what we ask for into one system:wink:


May 19, 2011
Aren't these manufacturers smart with there conspiracy. Why should they pack all of what we ask for into one system:wink:
So true! And frustrating. Camera gods, please give me the fixed 35mm, IQ and good looks of the X1, the AF speed of the new m4/3 cameras and the body size of the NEX-C3 and I can die happy. Oh, and you can throw in the X100 OVF if you are feeling particularly generous!



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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
OOOOWWWWW, I like the look of that 24/1.8. About time someone invested in a nice fast 35mm. If only Pentax would watch and learn!!!!

Tord S Eriksson

Aug 16, 2010
Gothenburg. Sweden
I've had my NEX-5N for a while now, and as the NEX-7 seems to be unobtainable for the forseeable future, the wife bought a 5N for herself (so now we both got a K-5 and a NEX-5N, in some ways very similar cameras(almost the same Sony sensor), in some ways hugely different (don't expose your NEX for dust, or humidity, while the K-5 is gust- & rain-proof). Colour fidelity with the K-5 is great, as is the resolution, but the 5N is slightly betteron both counts! Totally in a class of itself is the 5N with manual lenses, and I bet it gets even better with the viewfinders, whenever they are available!

The introduction in December of the NEX-7s has been cancelled in Europe, with no new dates given, or I would have had one of those on order!

The viewfinder and the not yet released lenses might arrive when planned, but no firm dates have been given to the retailers.


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Jul 12, 2010
Philly, Pa
Tord, do you have or use any of the native Sony lenses or are you just doing legacy stuff?
I had the Nex5 for a while and the best images I ever got digitally from my Leica glass was from that camera.
I'd be interested in how you use the camera.

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