Fuji Leather case for X10/X20?


Mar 10, 2013
Does anybody have one of the half or full leather cases for their X10/20? If so what brand and how do you like it. Also does the it fit over the lens OK?

Joey Wilson

Mar 19, 2012
I have the Fujifilm black leather case for my X10.

Once the lens is retracted (to OFF), the case closes over it just fine. Mine always goes Case Closed with the Marumi clear filter installed and the metal lens cap in place. The top un-snaps and you walk around with just the bottom on. Have to remove it to change battery/card, or to put on a tripod. SMELLS like leather. Embossed with the X10 logo. I like it a lot, completes 'the look'. Not cheap, but I got mine un-opened from a C List ad for quite a savings.


Feb 5, 2013
Justin Curtis
If you want something a bit rounder and smoother than the Fuji case, Gariz make a very good two-part case. The battery and card can be accessed without having to take the half-case off the camera. This case won't fit the camera with a lens hood in place, whereas I believe that the Fuji one will.


I am very happy about the - high quality -Fuji one because it fits perfectly and has that same retro feeling as the camera. Indeed, as Justin says, if you want to include other things, you may want to go for an alternative. I used the front/top only when travelling. Otherwise I leave it off and use the half case.


Feb 1, 2013
I just got a Sqinno one, it's awesome i must say... The dark brown one has a very nice matte vintage finish, goes great with a gordy brown wrist strap btw... :)
Very solid, rugged feel, and it doesn't add to the cameras height, like the Gariz one does.
You can find it on etsy and ebay for 49$ (just went up from 34). Only downside is you don't have access to battery compartment, but then again there are very few cases who have that feature, it's not a turnoff.

edit: found a post with a pic of the mentioned combo above (Sqinno and Gordy), thought I'd link it, imho it's looking lovely :)

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