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Expired Leather Case (non OEM) for Fuji X10

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Leather case is a tan saddle color. Fits nice and snug on the X10. Includes matching neck strap. Inside of case is sort of a suede-ish texture, providing a soft surface against camera. Has a magnetic snap closure. Case has never left the house. I've decided to stick with my boring Tamrac pouch.

$20 shipped in US. Standard PayPal only.

I have almost no history here, but I have same username on mu-43.com and a bunch of transactions there. Micro Four Thirds User Forum - View Profile: demiro

Thanks for looking. Any questions please shoot me a PM.



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I'm trying to figure out if there is room on the sides for a strap such as the Artisan and Artist's strap as pictured here: ARTISAN & ARTIST* ACAM-103N RED ACRYLIC CLOTH CAMERA STRAP NEW! could come out of the sides or not? It looks as though this case is made to use the case itself for a strap. Am I right?

I think that strap would work fine. The case has an opening 1.5" W x 1" H that lines up with the strap mounts on sides of camera, allowing you to use your camera strap instead of a strap attached to the case. You can sort of see that in the last picture, but if you'd like I can take and post a better shot of that.



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Hmm, I'm not 100% sure that it will work. I'll have to get a measuring tape out a little later on... It's hard for me to picture how the thicker strap with the leather at the ends might work. Thanks for your quick reply!
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