Leica Leica 180mm f2.8 Elmarit 2nd version


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Needed a little reach than my Zeiss 135mm APO Sonnar Zf.2 so I ended up selling the Sonnar and got this old Elmarit. The APO Sonnar is really really nice but huge. This 2nd edition Elmarit is big and solid but does not feel it. Proportion is a little better I think. Not that hard to handle. Here a shot at 2.8 of my daughter.


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Ken R was right though, for portraiture you get nice smooth out of focus areas and tight head and shoulder shoots with lenses like this one not super fast 50s or short teles.

I agree she makes me smile, who couldn't at such a cute little girl :D
The best part is, this lens is a bargain. Relatively speaking of course. in the world of Leica, under $1000 is a bargain :)

I got 2 R lenses, the 60 and this 180. I got both at relatively good price and performed more than I expected. I am hooked. My next target will be the 100 APO.