Leica Showcase Leica 24mm f/2.8 ELmarit


One of my favorite "story-telling" lenses.... especially on the M9.

This is from the M8:




For a long time, I would just estimate the FOV. You get to the point that you can pre-visualize the composition often peaking with both eyes. The M8 itself has the 24mm frame lines but has a crop factor. Now, I'm really enjoying the M9 with the 24mm (the last one was taken with the M9). I still often shoot without a viewfinder and rely on just estimating. Fortunately, I still have the viewfinder that I got with my Panasonic LX3 and it works like a charm. Not as big and bright as many of the viewfinders but it works just fine. If its been a while, I would take a few test photographs to remind my brain what 24mm looks like (a welcome benefit to digital).

Often, people can visualize the 50mm focal length. If you are careful to also include a bit of your human peripheral vision (both eyes), you can (with practice) pre-visualize 24mm as well. Its about as far wide you can go without having more complexity and distortion.

Its the lens I often use for quick dynamic situations (street photography for example). You can zone focus it fairly easily and it captures enough surroundings to complete the story even while you focus on a subject. Yes... at times, I will also crop appropriately (oh my!) to the finished print.


I'm really liking the Elmarit 28mm f2.8, it's particularly good for shooting inside small rooms or getting close to your subject. No complaints with the IQ or rendering either in color of B&W. Today I got some images inside a sewing room. Late afternoon, diffused sunlight coming from the windows. The crop is nearly 100%...



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Yes it is. Quite the little lens I thought :D

Just got mine today from my buddy Ken Hansen (probably the best Leica dealer in the country). I really had a hard time deciding whether to get the 28mm ASPH, 24mm f3.8, 24mm f2.8, 21mm f2.8 or the 21mm SEM. Ultimately, the great review by Erwin Puts, the faster aperture of f2.8, the hope that with a 24, I can bypass buying a 28mm and a 21mm, and the fact that this one is silver made me pull the trigger on this one. (Plus, Ken gave me a great price for my 90mm APO Summicron as trade). First shot was just my backyard and my newly installed Solar Panel. This lens is really sharp.

by VINCE, on Flickr

Here is the lens mounted on my Silver M 240. Perfect match. It take sharp picture and look sharp attached to the silver M :)

by VINCE, on Flickr


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You hit 2 birds with 1 stone Vince, congrats with the new acquisition! I envy the silver.

Hi Dave

Yes, 2 birds with 1 stone in a couple of scenarios. One is lighter load when I travel, and the 2nd is more money to travel :)

I think the silver version is not that easy to locate so this is also a big plus. Can't wait to test out this lens over the weekend.

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