Leica Showcase Leica 35mm f/1.4 Summilux M aspherical FLE (floating lens element)


I splurged and purchased the latest version with the floating lens element 2 weeks ago. I haven't had the opportunity to go out and really get to know this dream lens... twin babies tend to have that effect. So here are a couple "snapshots" taken inside.... I can already see I'm going to really like it... can't wait for warmer weather.

Both Taken w/ Leica M9 at wide open for no particular reason but to test it out.




Aw man, you gotta stop posting pics with the FLE. I'm starting to have ideas of funding one by letting my kids grow crooked teeth, walking barefoot, and working at the salt mines (as fast food grunts) till they're booted out at 18. Fugeddabaout about college. ...... Just kidding. :)


San Francisco
I've had this lens now for over a year and seldom use it. I tend to favor my UWA for landscape (even though it's considerably slower) and go straight to the 50 lux for everything else. That close up shot of the two girls (1st image posted) really shows that this lens is no slouch in terms portraits, IMHO.