Leica Showcase Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux aspherical


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Your daughter is adorable.

Thanks Brian. They are my only subject so they are so used to seeing camera around them. That is why they are also into taking pictures at their young age. At first, they starting fighting we me on who can press the shutter of the camera, eventually, I decided to give each of them their own camera as an experiment to see from their perspective. Many times, they are very interesting. Sometime, not so interesting when you have a series of 20 shots of the carpet.
Digital is cheap for learning. Nikki's favorite camera was the Polaroid SLR690. We had a Ritz outlet near the house that sold out-of-date packs for $3~$4. We still miss it.


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Vincetan - Is it worth it get an adaptor to use M lenses on mu4/3 if you already have a similar native lens for mu4/3 (i.e. lux 50 and the PL 25)? I was thinking that if got an adaptor I could bring two bodies, M-E and EM-5, and just bring one set of lenses. I haven't messed around with adapted lenses on mu4/3.


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I only have one m4/3, and that is the Lumix G1 which I bought when I it first came out. I am currently in between Leica M body (waiting for M) so I use the G1 with my Leica lenses. I tell you, I really like the G1 image quality. I'm sure the EM-5 is even better. At less than $20 for the adapter, what I paid for mine, it is easy decision. I also find that focusing is quite easy with focus peaking on the G1. Not sure if Oly has that. In fact, on my G1, I do not have a single m4/3 lens. I sold the kit zoom a long time ago. I bought a Pana 25mm Summilux and was not too impress so I sold that too. I used my 35 and 50 lux on the G1 all the time. I also have very good result using my 85mm Sonnar ZM on the G1.

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