Leica Showcase Leica 50mm f/1.5 Summarit


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Certainly less glow than my scratchy sample (at €288 I'm not complaining)



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I just picked up an m3 and Summarit 50 f1.5 on CL. Really clean and everything seems to work right. However the focus is a bit squeaky and feels like it drags abit, not smooth all the way through. I have tried taking it apart, i remove 3 screws from behind aperture ring, and 2 screws from focus ring. Aperture ring screws are left in place. I lock with small screwdriver into screw hole at focus ring. When i try to unscrew, the front part unscrews, the part with the front glass lens, and i can see the aperture blades still on the back end of the lens. I want to unscrew more down to the helicoid to clean and grease the focusing ring with helicoid grease. I am afraid to try to unscrew further while holding by the aperture ring. Any help would be appreciated please. I will post photos of what im doing later today, after i get home.
It is serial #Nr.1275494 M mount.
I am super excited about my firat leica and am now thinking about how i can afford a digital leica...
My latest one did the same thing: I screwed the front section back in, then used a rubber mat to grab the front section and aperture ring together to spread the force over a larger section than just the aperture ring. I had to press on the screw used to keep the block from rotating. It did come out.


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Have you any recomendation what you think contributes to this issue? Lack of lubrication or something else? I will try again to separate them. Thank you!


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I did it! Awesomeness. Thanks for the info and confidence boost. Used rubber mat like you suggested. Found a piece of metal inside. Now just have get to helicoid...

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