Leica Showcase Leica 90mm f4 Macro-Elmar


Feb 6, 2013
To keep my mind (and wallet) away from an M10 purchase, it was time for a search to expand the M-mount lens collection. I've been wanting a longer reach lens for M-mount. To keep things simple on the M9, it would be the longest lens directly supported by viewfinder frame lines: a 90mm.

Found a 90mm f4 Macro-Elmar used, in good shape on eBay. Very compact when collapsed, still very compact when not collapsed, check. Read good things about this lens, check. So I bid ... and won.

I've been out shooting it this weekend and last, so here are the results. First, the obligatory "Leica Cheesecake Shot:"

M with 90mm Macro Elmar
by Carl B, on Flickr

But Just a pretty face? View on:

aound the bend
by Carl B, on Flickr

Sharp - and telephoto! "Scenic" with this lens means "shoot from way afar."

creek under the tracks
by Carl B, on Flickr

amber grasses
by Carl B, on Flickr

walk to a view
by Carl B, on Flickr

mississippi river at ford parkway
by Carl B, on Flickr

minnesota veterans home
by Carl B, on Flickr

by Carl B, on Flickr

minnehaha creek at the mississippi
by Carl B, on Flickr

I can see why this makes a good portrait lens. And yet with a bit of thought (and distance), it's a great scenery lens too. And exceptionally compact for a 90mm, even more so when collapsed.

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