Leica Leica announced 16 new cameras and lenses in one single day!


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Leica announces plenty of new cameras and lenses!

Well, you didn't expect to see this one day. Leica announced 16 new cameras and lenses in one single day! That's more than Canon-Nikon-Sony announced together!

Leica M-A, film camera & summarit lenses

Leica D-Lux

Leica X(113)

Leica X-E

& lenses

Also Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm F1.4 ZM lens photo


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Well, not really 16 new cameras and lenses. The Summarit-M lenses are essentially the same, only now also in silver and with new hoods for the 35 and 50. The 35 is now called 35 ASPH, but the aspheric element has always been there.

The X-E is just an X-2 with a different name.

That new X (typ 113) looks very appealing.


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I'm suprised that the new M-A is priced slightly less than the MP. I'd still get the MP over it though, just b/c I need the meter. The new tripod looks interesting, I'll definately check it out and compare it to the existing once it hits stores. Some of the new bags are pretty interesting too.


Just noticed on the D-Lux, they're calling the f/1.7 lens a Summilux. And the Summarits are now f/2.4 instead of f/2.5 Kinda muddies the water. I wonder if now we'll be seeing ranges of apertures for lens designations.


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I read somewhere that the Summarits (for the M) were always f/2.4, but were labeled as 2.5 because of Chinese superstition (number 4 means death). Leica confirmed that the 35mm Summarit always had an aspheric element.

Looks to me like its just a cosmetic and mechanical upgrade (closer focus on 75mm = longer helical).


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The X looks sweet. The D-Lux as well, but no more than the Lumix LX100...

The M-A is simply pure Leica.

Antonio, the D-Lux looks sweet enough for me that I've done something I've never done before, pre-order one! Given that it's priced just £29.00 (UK£) more than the LX100 with a key for Lightroom it seemed like the way to go. I'm looking forward to the almost full manual control offered by the camera, my 3rd Leica having once owned both an M3 and a CL.


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