Leica Leica announces Nieman Marcus Edition M9: $17,500, limited to 50


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
I don't think that brown "ostrich" skin is quite my style. Oh well, maybe next year... :p

Thanks you, two. I suppose if someone really has the means, they'll go for it...but I don't want this thread to digress into a morality tale here.:wink:


Sep 4, 2010
They also released the $20+k titanium M9 at photokina.. apparently the 500 they are going to make already got sold.

Leica introduces special edition M9 Titanium: Digital Photography Review

I hope they sell a whole boat load of these "special" editions that no one I know can afford.... it will fund future products for the rest of us.

If I had that type of cash to burn, I'd rather spend $5k+ more for the titanium M9. NM M9 seems to be just another leather job...

The most interesting thing about the NM M9 is the fact that it is finished in chrome. There are many M9 potential buyers that have been waiting for the "classic" chrome finish on an M9 (me included). For some odd reason Leica chose to sell the m9 only in grey and black PAINT....

btw... its not the first time they used "Ostrich skin". Same as my M6 titanium but in brown rather than black:

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Sep 26, 2010
Completely agree on the titanium, but I have a fondness for titanium (my other weird collection is Titanium-nibbed fountain pens).
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