Leica Leica CEO Oliver Kaltner will meet with us on May 31


Dec 15, 2011
Dear Mr. Amin.

It will be my pleasure to meet you and the group in person. My calendar says 2-3pm on May 31st.

Looking forward to it.



Dec 15, 2011
I saw some posts from people who have visited Leica in past years, and they say that their lenses/cameras were adjusted for free in Wetzlar. This my main reason for taking with me only Leica products in this trip. M9 and M8, plus 35/1.4 Summilux and 50/2 Rigid Summicron, but maybe also have the 35mm Summicron to get it adjusted?


Dec 15, 2011
Rasha wants to also be there for the Leica tour. She just told me "too bad that Leica products are so costly".


Dec 15, 2011
Could it be that Leica knows how to use the Summicron DR on the M9?
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Rasha wants to also be there for the Leica tour. She just told me "too bad that Leica products are so costly".
If they looked more like serious instruments, and less like botique items (i.e. the 'T'), then I think there would be fewer objections. There was a time, late in 2009, when Leica introduced 3 class-leading cameras at the same time. The M9, the S, and the X1. When I took the X1 out of its box, I thought it looked amazing. Glory days. I'm hoping for a repeat.


Jul 7, 2010
The optical modules are the same, as long as the shim is set properly it should work. I've transplanted glass between modules, it worked.


Dec 15, 2011
We have been invited for lunch! All of us, of course.

Frau Silke Bernhardt emailed me this today:

Dear Mr. Amin,

hope this mail finds you well!

Please find attached the latest schedule for your visit in Wetzlar. If your agenda allows, we would like to invite you for a group lunch in our Leica restaurant. I hope you can make it there at approx. 12.20 pm , as the tour starts at 01.00 pm and the restaurant is closing at 01.30 pm. Means there is no chance to have lunch after the tour unfortunately and we don’t want to you to be hungry.

The 60 min tour through the Leica building will be done by Mr. Stefan Daniel, our Global Director Product Management. He is by the way our Leica M expert and will answer your questions regarding our rangefinder cameras.

After the tour you’ll meet our CEO, Mr. Oliver Kaltner.

You can use the early afternoon for a visit in our Leica store, the gallery and in the Cafè Leitz.

Best regards!

Guests: International members of “Rangefinder Forum”
Date: May 31st



May 31st:
12:15 am: Meet at Leica reception
12:20 – 01:00 pm: Group lunch in “Leica Casino” (table for group is reserved)
01:00 - 02:00 pm: Private tour (english) through Leica building (approx. 60 min) by Stefan Daniel (Global Director Product Management)
02:00 – 02.30 pm: Meet with Mr. Oliver Kaltner (CEO Leica Camera)
02:30 – 03:00 pm: Visit Leica Store, gallery etc (no guidance required)
03:00 – open end: Coffee & cake at “Café Leitz” (no guidance required, the Café is open until 06:00 pm)


Dec 15, 2011
Nothing final yet.
M9 and 35/1.4 Lux is my top choice. Maybe, Leica will check out the sensor for us?
option (a): M8 with 50mm Summicron or 45/2 Planar... for Wetzlar
option (b) SWC for wide angle.... cool to use
option (c) EPL1 with 50mm Summicron or 45/2 Zeiss... lightest

Either (a) or (b) or (c) with (M9, 35/1.4).


Dec 26, 2013
I wish someone would ask Leica why repairs take so long. I sent my 6-month old M240 back to Germany due to intermittent 'black frames' being recorded (no, not the lens hood, and I returned my camera prior to the recent firmware being released). That was over three weeks ago and I'm still without my camera. I've heard Leica can take months, so it could be a long, long wait ahead of me!!

On another Leica forum, several owners have reported their own cameras recording black frames following the recent firmware update. Sounds like a marginal timing issue between the firmware and hardware, exacerbated by the recent firmware release. Both the M240 and the M246 are effected, although no one here on the LeicaPlace forum seems to have had such an issue.

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