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Brand new to Leica. On a whim I bought a Leica CL with a Russian 50mm f2. I got my first roll back and I'm hooked. These are all on 400TX and shot at, or close, to wide open. I was shooting with the giant Canon DSLR kit and had the Leica in my pocket. Obviously I need to practice focusing, but oh oh oh. Nothing like this has come out of my digital files. I wish I had taken more!
Welcome to the forum- you nailed the focus on the last shot.

The Jupiter-8 is a faithful copy of the Zeiss Sonnar. Coming from an SLR to a rangefinder can take some getting used to- mainly as everything looks in focus through the RF. Once used to it, can be easier to focus for fast lenses than a manual focus SLR.


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Brian has good advice. Try practicing on the CL and by trial and error you can figure out how it focuses when wide open or close to it at a measured or closely estimated distance..... YOu could also conduct a crude test by mounting on a tripod and focusing on a tape measure at various distances and f stops...to see how the lens reacts.

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